5 Holiday Gift Ideas From Your Local Fabric Store (Including Trendy Non-Fabric Crafts)

Is there someone on your holiday gift list who is into sewing or arts and crafts? Why not check out the selection at your favorite fabric store for some gift-giving ideas that will be appreciated and used? Fabric stores sell more than fabrics, yarn and sewing needles. In addition to sewing supplies, you may find a mix of everything for the craft lover or hobbyist, from kits to supplies. Here are a few inspirational ideas from your fabric store to place on your holiday gift list:

1. Craft and Activity Kit

Just about every fabric store sells fun craft kits designed for children to adults. For the kids, how about a do-it-yourself weaving bracelet kit? These typically include beads, charms and rubber bands, as well as complete instructions on how to put it all together.

Art kits are also popular sellers in most fabric stores. Look for Paint-By-Number Sets, building sets and do-it-yourself unfinished ornaments to paint. Needlepoint kits and sun catcher kits to paint and hang are often sold at fabric stores, too.

2. Adult Coloring Books

You may have seen the infomercials. You may have heard about this growing trend on the news. What is it? Adult coloring books, of course. Yes, these are the latest trend and many fabric and craft stores stock them on their shelves.

For a simple gift idea, choose a gift set that includes a book or two as well as colored pencils or markers. Coloring books for adults are said to relieve stress and promote relaxation and often include intricate patterns and designs to complete. Many of these coloring books include popular mandala patterns, landscapes, whimsical characters and delightful gardens to color.

There are countless themes to choose from and designs for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. The basic designs or images may also be enjoyed by a teenager, while the more intricate designs with very detailed images are best suited for an adult. Choose a theme of interest, such as wildlife, floral designs, or fashion. If you aren't sure of which theme might be most enjoyed, choose a pattern such as paisley or kaleidoscope designs.

3. Paper Mache Supply Gift Package

You might need to assemble this package yourself by choosing a few (or several) supplies for paper mache crafting. Start with a water-based sealer and glue. This will also give the project a nice finish when completed or you can add a bottle of luster gloss. You might also want to include a tub of plaster of Paris. Place these useful items in a pretty gift bag tied with a festive ribbon, and there you have it.

4. Scrapbook and Paper Crafting Coordinates

Most fabric and craft stores sell all kinds of scrapbook supplies and these make thoughtful gifts. Again, you might want to assemble this package yourself. Choose a scrapbook album and refill pages, glitter glue, stickers, art quality sketch markers and rubber cement.

5. Sewing Needle Gift Set

Here is a thoughtful gift that can be used by your favorite quilting hobbyist or sewing fanatic. Many fabric stores sell gift boxed packages that include an assortment of needle sizes for various projects and applications. For instance, this type of gift package may include sewing needles suitable for lightweight, medium and heavy fabrics.

The gift box may include sewing needles for hand-sewing as well as machine operation. For a wide variety, look for needles sizes 2 through 12. In this type of gift set, you may find yarn darning needles, curved needles for doing repairs on heavier fabrics and needles for leather work. Embroidery and applique needles are other options.

Remember, your favorite fabric store is all about creativity. If you can imagine it, this store just might have what you're looking for. For more tips, contact a company like Brandt's Interiors & Workroom.