8 Other Things You Could Be Doing With Your Truck Tarp

Keeping your truck bed covered is just one thing you can do with a reliable vinyl tarp. But that's not all that your tarp is capable of. Truck tarps are just as amazing at doing a lot of other things, some of which you're probably learning about for the first time. To find out all the other awesome things you can use your tarp for, take a look at these 8 interesting and practical uses.

Use It as a Trunk Liner for Your Car

If you have a dirty toolbox, mud-caked shoes or the sweaty, grimy remnants of your kid's sports gear, then chances are you wouldn't want any of that riding in the otherwise-pristine trunk of your car. Fortunately, you can use your truck tarp as an impromptu liner for your car's trunk. This way, you'll be able to keep dirt and grime off your trunk carpeting.

Use It as a Makeshift Tent

A tarp can make for an effective impromptu tent, especially if you don't have your own dedicated tent on hand. According to Just Jeff's Hiking Page, you can change the angle of your tarp to suit a variety of weather conditions. A low and steep-pitched tarp can keep much of the cold and rain off you during stormy conditions, while a high and flat pitch enhances ventilation and visibility.

Keep Your Lawn Mower, ATV or Motorcycle Dry During a Downpour

Leaving your motorcycle, ATV or even your lawn mower out in the rain could cause problems after the wet weather breaks. Not only can leaving these vehicles uncovered invite rust and corrosion, but it can also cause sensitive electronics to short out and malfunction. Throwing a tarp over your motorcycles and small-engine equipment can save on the repair bills that a rain-soaked short-circuiting relay could rack up in short order.

Protect Your Plants on a Cold Night

Even in the midst of springtime weather, a sudden cold snap can make short work of your cold-sensitive plants. If chilly weather is in the forecast, you can drape a tarp over your garden bed to protect your plants against frost. The idea is that the tarp holds much of the heat that would normally radiate into the air.

Create a Kid-Proof Cover for Your Floor Before Craft Projects

If you love helping your kids with their arts and crafts projects but hate the mess that often comes with it, you can use a tarp to keep glue, glitter, paint and other messy materials away from your carpet or hardwood flooring. It also makes clean-up a breeze -- all you have to do is fold or roll the tarp out of the way and take it outdoors for cleaning.

Use It to Catch Rainwater

If you're into harvesting rainwater, then you probably know how difficult it could be to direct that water into barrels and buckets. By spreading out a vinyl tarp and suspending the corners with poles or sturdy tree branches, you can create a much wider area for rainwater collection. All you have to do is make sure the tarp slopes into the barrel, otherwise all of that water could simply pool in the middle of the tarp.

Cover the Doghouse for Insulation and Waterproofing

If Fido's pad isn't as weather-tight as it ought to be, you could use your truck tarp as makeshift protection against the elements. The tarp will help keep rainwater out of the doghouse while keeping some of the warm in, which makes things a bit more pleasant for your pooch. 

Make a Hammock and Take a Nap

No, seriously -- some heavy-duty tarps can also pull double duty as a hammock for those times when a nice nap is a necessity. However, some experts recommend making a few important modifications before using it for hammock duty, otherwise you could risk tearing the existing grommets.

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