Four Inexpensive Decorating Tips For Your Lodge Or Cabin

Decorating your lodge or cabin can give it more of a homey appeal and make staying there seem like more of a vacation and less of a rough-out experience. If you are not made of money, you may be putting off decorating your lodge because you fear it will be expensive. But in fact, there are plenty of ways to give your lodge decor a beautiful, yet rustic look without emptying your wallet.

Make Basic Curtains

Making your own curtains is easier than you might think. Visit a local fabric store, and look for some rustic-looking material. Plaids are popular choices, though you can also find fabrics with deer, wildflowers, and other country emblems. For each window, purchase two strips of material that are about 6 inches longer than the distance from the top of the window to the floor. When you get home, fold over one short edge of the fabric, creating a "tube" for the curtain rod to go through, and use a hot glue gun to secure it in place. Slide the curtain rod through your tube, and you have a rustic, yet inexpensive curtain.

Decorate With Logs

Logs are essentially free, so do some tromping around in the woods and find a new nice, dry ones that have a unique look or shape to them. Then, use your hot glue gun to attach a few fake sprigs of berries or pieces of holly to each log. (You can find these items in most craft stores.) Display the logs on end tables and shelves to give your space a little hint of character.

Make Vases of Faux Flowers

If you always have to add new, fresh flowers to the vase, decorating with flowers can get expensive! Thankfully, there are some pretty realistic-looking faux flowers out there today, and you only have to buy them once. Look for wildflowers, daisies, and other flowers with a country appeal, and assemble them in a plain, white vase. Placed on the center of the table, the bright flowers and white vase are a nice contrast to all the wood you probably have in your lodge.

Create Your Own Potpourri

Find a glass bowl at a garage sale or dollar store, and fill it with some pine cones and perhaps a few pieces of birch bark. Then, sprinkle these items with some essential oils. Cinnamon and vanilla work well! You have instant potpourri that not only decorates your lodge, but also gives it a nice scent.