Tips To Keep Your Cabin Safe And Secure

Whether you use it for hunting, fishing, or simply a place to get away on the weekend, a small cabin in the woods can be a dream come true. A major concern is keeping the building safe and secure when you aren't there. This can be a challenge since most cabins are remote with few nearby neighbors. The following tips can help you avoid problems:

Tip #1: Install security shutters

Security against intruders is at the top of many cabin owner's worries. Whether the intruders are humans that stumble across your cabin or animals like bears that break through a window when seeking out food, there is a simple way to prevent the issue. Steel security shutters close over windows and doors, effectively barring all entry. When not in use, they either fold or roll up out of the way, depending on the style you choose. These work well to both prevent break-ins and vandalism.

Tip #2: Invest in underground lines

It's no fun to show up to your cabin to discover that a storm knocked out the electricity weeks ago and now your water pipes are frozen, or you have a defrosted freezer to clean out. Many people opt for the inexpensive route of using above ground power and service lines, which are more prone to weather damage. They also pose a risk of being cut by a thief, which can disarm alarm systems. Pay the extra to have your lines installed underground when possible.

Tip #3: Secure the exterior

There are concerns outside of your cabin, as well. Any storage areas, including sheds and boat houses, should be secured against break-ins using similar methods as those you opt for on the main cabin. There are also weather concerns. For example, if you have well, consider installing a well house, so the access to the pump is protected from piles of snow. This way you can access it easily if you have issues or need to start the pump back up after returning from a long absence.

Tip #4: Invest in a generator

One way to increase safety and security at your cabin is to have emergency generators or a standby generator. This generator can flip on in the event of a power outage. It can provide enough power to keep necessary things running, such as your security system, the well pump, or the power to the cabin's heating system. The last is especially important since you don't want frozen pipes. As an added benefit, you can still enjoy power even if there is a power outage when you visit your cabin. This is important since it can take several days for power companies to respond to calls in more remote areas.