Inheriting An Antique Marble-Topped Heirloom? 3 Important Care Tips To Know

Inheriting a valuable family heirloom is certainly an honor, but it also comes with the responsibility of caring for the item and protecting it for future generations. Antique marble-topped tables, benches, and vanities are excellent examples of these valuable heirlooms that require some attention from the recipient. If you have inherited a marble-topped piece and want to protect its beauty and value, the following tips can help you maintain it properly so that it can be handed down for generations to come. 

1. First, examine the surface 

Once the heirloom is in your care, it is important to slow down and carefully examine the marble surface before beginning any cleaning or restoration process. The finish may be either honed, with a satiny, somewhat matte finish, or polished for a glossy finish. 

2. Second, do an initial cleaning

Determining the surface type is a critical step because it is important to never use any acidic cleaners on polished marble, as they can cause etching. Some examples of acidic cleaners to avoid include vinegar, lemon juice, bleach, and most commercial surface cleaners.

To safely clean marble, use a solution of warm water and a mild detergent meant for hand-washing dishes. Once the surface is clean, wipe away all traces of the cleaning solution with a damp cloth, then buff to a shine with soft, dry cloth. 

3. Third, protect from damage 

Marble surfaces, especially those that are older may be more easily stained and damaged. Using coasters under cups and glasses, as well as protective pads or cloths under vases, candles, serving dishes and other items is an excellent way to help prevent stains from food and beverages. 

Marble surfaces are durable, but can still be damaged by extreme temperature changes. So it is also important to refrain from placing hot pots or freezing cold items directly on marble surfaces. 

Another common source of damage to marble surfaces is simple wear and tear from items that may be carelessly placed on the table top, such as coins, keys, and children's toys. If the piece will be used in a high traffic area, installing a protective glass top may be a wise choice to prevent this type of damage. 

Recipients of marble-topped heirlooms with concerns about condition or damage should always seek out the guidance of a reputable marble restoration expert to assist them. These skilled professionals will be able to help heirloom recipients restore the beauty and value of their prized marble-topped pieces and ensure that they will be able to continue gracing future generations. To learn more, contact a company like Aldayna