3 Tips To Help You Get Your Kids To Drink More Water

Some kids are just resistant to drinking water. Do you have a hard time getting your kids to drink enough water every day? If so, you're not alone. Here, you'll find a few tips that will help you increase your kids' water intake each day.

Serve Good Water

If you're trying to get your kid to drink water that doesn't taste or smell very good, you're going to lose the battle before you even start. If your home's water isn't the best, it's time to bring someone in to test the water and recommend a filtration or purification system for the home.

Note: A filtration system will do more than just make your water taste and smell better – it will protect the appliances within the home that rely on water to operate and prevent built-up from occurring in your waterlines.

Make it Fun

How on earth does one go about making drinking water fun? Well, if you have multiple kids that don't like to drink their water, it's time to make it a bit of a game.

Set the kids up at the table with a tall glass of water for each of them. The first person that finishes their water, gets a prize, a sticker or some other reward – it could be an extra scoop of ice cream after dinner or an extra story at bedtime – use what motivates your kids.

Take the kids shopping to pick out their own water bottles. Many grownups never leave home without their water bottle in hand, and if you let the kids pick out the right water bottle for themselves, they just might want to take it with them to show off to their friends. If they have it – they will sip on it while they're out and about.

Add Fruit

Adding fresh fruit to the water will not take away any nutritional value, like adding some of the flavor packets will. You don't have to stick with the usual lemons and cucumbers – they can add strawberry slices, watermelon chunks, split grapes – whatever they enjoy eating. Just be sure that if you're serving fruit in little one's waters to give them a straw so that choking doesn't become a hazard.

Start with improving the quality of the water that you're serving the kids and go from there. It could be that the water that you've been serving them before now has not tasted or smelled appetizing and has hindered your efforts to promote healthy habits. Contact a company, like Oxley Softwater Co, for more help.