3 Ways To Make Your Garage A More Usable Place This Spring

Garages in even the most organized homes can quickly look like a hoarder's paradise as you continue to just stack items you don't want in your way there. It is easy for the number of items in your garage to get out of hand, especially when you don't have storage setup. The key to getting your garage back is to go through everything and then create storage solutions that work for your specific needs.

#1 Go Through All of That Clutter

Before you can start building and purchasing storage solutions, you need to know what you are working with. Start by going through all the clutter. While that may seem overwhelming at first, start in one corner or area and focus on going through those items first, then work your way around the room. As you get ready to work, use the three-box method: donate, throw away, and keep. If you can't remember the last time you used an item, it is time to get rid of it. Your garage can easily become the place where things you are not ready to let go of yet get stuck. Keep items you use on a regular basis and actually need to keep around.

#2 Figure Out What You Need to Keep in Your Garage

Now that you have gone through everything, it is time to find it a home. Before you start building storage, you need to decide where that home is. Do you have items you need to put back in your home? Take them and put them away. Do you have items that you don't need to access on a regular basis? Rent a small storage unit and move your items to your storage unit. Reserve the space in your garage for things you use on a regular basis or items you want to keep close by.

#3 Create a Custom Storage Solution

It is time to build a custom storage system. If you have plastic storage bins, don't just stack them on top of each other. That makes it harder to access your bins and could result in damage to the lids. Instead, create a storage tower or shelving for all your plastic bins. That way, you can easily pull the crates in and out when you need them.

For items you need to more easily grab, install some open shelves. This is a great place to storage items such as paint supplies and garden tools you need to grab on the regular. Put up some two-by-fours on the wall and add some hooks to them at various levels. You need a place to hang things such as water buckets, rakes, and shovels. Or you can create some storage tubs for putting your garden tools and sports equipment.

This spring get control over your garage again. Go through everything and decide what to keep and where you want to store it. Then, create a custom storage solution to fix your specific garage storage needs. For more information and resources, reach out to a company such as Cinti Closets LLC.