Home Inspection Tips To Consider During The Home-Buying Process

The home-buying process is filled with contracts and essential decisions that can affect the cost of and qualify of the home you own for the unforeseeable future. For these reasons it is important that you do all due diligence and make sure the home you eventually buy is free of defects or unseen issues that may cause you extra expenses and problems in the future. Here are some tips to help you inspect the home, so you can ensure the purchase is a smart one. 

Hire the Appropriate Inspections

Before you sign for and buy a home, you need to make sure the home does not have any interior or structural damage, issues with radon gas, pests or termites, for example. If you fail to inspect your home for these conditions, you will inherit any problems when you buy the home. You cannot ask the previous owner to repair damage to a home's foundation after you have purchased the home, unless it was included as a clause in the purchase contract.

If your intended home is located in the southern states that are prone to termites, for example, it is essential that you hire a termite inspection. If the home's structure has any type of termites or damage, it can cause you thousands of dollars to repair the damage and remove the pests.

So when you make an offer to buy the home, make sure you include a written clause that you can hire home inspections as you deem necessary. Then, if you find any issues from the inspections, such as termites tunneling into the home's structural wall, you can have the seller repair the problem or adjust the home's price for you to complete the needed repairs.

Remedy Problems

After hiring a termite inspection and other necessary inspections on the home, the inspector will provide you with a report of their findings. This will include findings of any termite damage, or existing termite colony in the property's wood materials, for example. You can adjust the purchase contract to rectify the termite problem.

You will likely need to call a termite control service to remove the termites and treat the home further for termites. Your pest control professional will likely recommend to remove all vegetation and woody materials from the exterior of the home's foundation. Then, they can apply a termite treatment to the soil to keep termites away from your home. Also, repairing the termite damage in the home is important so your home will not have any structural damage.