Should You Choose Wood For Your New Patio Cover?

Patio covers provide a home renovation option that is both cost-effective and functional, adding beauty to your home while also making your patio a more enjoyable place to spend time. While the installation of a patio cover is relatively cheap compared to many home remodeling projects, it is still costly enough to require some care and planning. A wide variety of cover materials are available, but wood is a particularly popular choice. If wooden patio covers are on your radar, then check out these pros and cons to determine if this is the right material for you.

The Advantages of Wood

Wood has been a popular building material for as long as humans have been cutting down trees. Despite the prevalence of modern, engineered materials, wood remains a top choice for many construction projects. For patio covers, wood offers more durability and longevity when compared against aluminum, but only if adequately treated. Fully treated wood patio covers are long-term investments that, if properly cared for, can last for the life of your home. In addition to their durability, wood patio covers are also strong enough to stand up to simple modifications, such as hanging plants or other decorative touches.

Aesthetically, wood offers a classic look that can blend seamlessly with many homes. If you have a wood patio, then going with wood for your cover can help to tie your home's exterior appearance together. Since wood can be painted or treated in a variety of ways, you will also have many options to create the exact appearance that you want.

The Disadvantages of Wood

Nothing comes without downsides, and there are several to consider when using wood as a building material. Since your cover will be exposed continuously to the elements, properly treated timber is essential to maintain its appearance and durability. Untreated wood is more likely to rot over time, and may ultimately require replacement. Buying the appropriate wood for long-term use can be pricy, so aluminum may be a better fit if you are concerned about your budget. Wood can also be vulnerable to pests such as termites, which is also worth keeping in mind if you have had infestation problems in the past.

Is It Right For You?

While wood is a beautiful material, it requires regular upkeep and can be more expensive than some alternatives. If the appearance of your patio is your primary concern, however, then paying the extra cost for a proper wood installation is likely the way to go. If your budget is a higher priority, then cheaper materials such as aluminum and vinyl offer more affordable alternatives that will still beautify and add value to your home.