3 Reasons You Need A Home Inspector When You're Planning To Sell

People choose to sell their homes for many reasons. You may have purchased the home as an investment property, or you may be hoping to purchase another house with the money from the sale. No matter what your reasons for selling are, a home inspector can help you achieve a successful sale. Here are three reasons you should take advantage of a home inspection service when you're ready to sell your house.

1. It can help you figure out an asking price.

Settling on an asking price can be difficult, even if you keep up with home sales in your area. The median price of housing in your neighborhood can give you a basic idea of how much homes are selling for, but it doesn't tell you much about the value of your particular house. The size and condition of your home factors into the equation, in addition to the general state of upkeep. Your home inspector will do a thorough assessment of your home. Based on the architecture, features, and overall condition of your house, your inspector will give you an appraisal of the value. You can use this number to help you figure out a reasonable asking price.

2. It can help you increase the value of your home.

Your home inspector can also help you identify areas where there's room for improvement. Leaking pipes or water fixtures, mold, evidence of pests, and poor insulation can all devalue your house. Many of these problems can be fixed with relative ease, and doing so can greatly increase the value of your home. Your home inspector will give you a thorough report once they're done with their inspection. However, you can learn even more by shadowing your inspector while they go through your house area by area. Feel free to ask questions during the process if you're unclear about something.

3. It will make you seem more trustworthy.

You will seem more trustworthy to prospective buyers if you've already had your home inspected. Show serious buyers the completed home inspection report. The report will satisfy their curiosity; it can even convince them that they're getting an excellent deal on the house. Buyers may still want to have the home inspected by their own independent home inspector. However, the fact that you willingly showed them your own inspection report can allay any fears they have about accidentally doing business with an unscrupulous seller.

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