Add Drama To This Year's Home Landscape Design

If you love gardening, you must be very happy that spring and summer are almost here. Do you already have a plan for your 2020 landscaping? If you don't, you've come to the right place to get some ideas that will make your backyard look beautiful.

As you sketch out your landscape design, think of two main words. Those words are unique and dramatic. 

Make the landscape a unique one by including natural stone products in the design. For instance, order enough precast stone to build an outdoor waterfall, which will become the focal point of your backyard.  Place it in a strategic spot, maybe in one of the corners of your backyard. Give it a rustic look by placing the stones the way nature would have left them, with uneven lines and a bit of a haphazard feeling. Of course, you'll still want them to be well balanced, allowing the water to flow from one part of the waterfall to another, ending at the bottom where the cycle can begin again with a mechanized system.

Add drama to the natural stone waterfall by placing pots artistically as part of the waterfall design. Put some of the pots on their side, giving them a tipped-over appearance. When the pots are where you want them, place colorful plants in them, including plants that will cascade over the pots that are on their side. 

Use the same color of natural stone in other parts of your yard to visually connect the waterfall to the rest of the back yard. For instance, have natural stone stepping stones leading from your back door to your patio. If you don't have a patio already, think of creating one with natural stone as the foundation of the patio. Choose the same natural stone that you used for the stepping stones and for the waterfall.

More drama can be attained by having a round precast stone table and precast benches that surround the table as part of the patio's design. Add additional furniture in case you want extra seating. For instance, wrought iron furniture painted the same color as the precast stone table would add a unique look, plus giving you the extra seating you desire.

Precast stone and other natural stone products are affordable and will last for a very long time. If they ever need cleaning, just use your water hose to wash them off.