Tips For Setting Up An Office In Any Size Home

Many people are finding themselves working from home due to the pandemic; if you work from home or telecommute, it is essential to have a dedicated space. Your own home office may be a nook where you work on a laptop or a quiet area where you can conduct business over the phone. Live in a smaller space? Consider some tips for setting up a functional office, in any size home:

Buy an Ergonomic Chair

Perhaps the most important element of a home office is where you sit, so invest in a quality ergonomic office chair for your space. An ergonomic office chair is often sleeker and takes up less space, as well as adjusts to the curve of the spine, eliminating the aches and pains caused by sitting at a desk for prolonged periods. Plus, these chairs adjust and swivel, making it easier to get around and avoid strain while working, increasing overall productivity throughout the day.

Convert a Closet

For a super easy transformation that can also work temporarily, convert a closet into a smaller home office. Choose narrow desks with overhead shelving for your computer components, printer, or supplies.

Other convenient tips for a closet office are:

  • Remove the closet door to give you a bit more room to move around.
  • Use any overhead racks, such as blanket shelves, for baskets to keep your office goods in and out of sight.
  • Worried about connectivity? Invest in a inexpensive Wi-Fi extender to make sure your service is as good inside the closet as it is in the rest of the house.

Install or run a cord for ambient lighting and consider adding a pop of color on the closet walls to make it seem a bit bigger and more interesting.

Invest in Solutions

If you want to make the most of unconventional office spaces, invest in products and gear to make them functional. For instance, buy the right minimalist desk and ergonomic chair, storage solutions, and supplies to solve space issues and create a proper home office that works.

Transform a Wall

Depending on the configuration of your apartment, it might make the most sense to claim a wall for your home office space. Use a wall unit, pull-down style workstation, bookshelf, or even a bakers' rack for a laptop desk. Install floating shelves above for storage to make the most of the vertical space.  

Set Up Dividers

If you rent, a room divider might be a good investment to ensure that you always have a dedicated space for your office — even if you plan to return to your work office after the pandemic. Check out the partitions and floating wall dividers that might work in your current living situation. This also gives you some flexibility with where and when you set up an office.

Do you need a home office due to the pandemic? Regardless of why you are working from home, it may seem challenging to find the space but there are some clever solutions. Use these tips to create your own dedicated office space in any home.