Recommendations To Clean Up And Organize Your Garage Space

Your garage space is a good area for you to park your vehicles and protect them from the weather and vandals. It also provides extra storage space for tools, equipment, bicycles, camping, and similar outdoor gear. However, your garage space can become easily disorganized, cluttered, and messy to the point you can no longer park even your vehicle inside. Here are some recommendations to help you clean up and organize your garage space for optimal use.

Sort and Declutter

As a first step to organizing your garage space, you need to sort through everything currently in your garage and decide what you need to keep and what you no longer need. As time goes by, it is easy for items to get placed temporarily in the garage only to permanently be stored there. To start off the organization process you should take everything out and put it all in your driveway or front yard. Then, you can set up three sorting spots where you can place the items you plan to donate, dispose of, and keep. Just as you follow this protocol when decluttering your home, it works the same for your garage storage. There will be items you find in your garage that can be stored in a home storage space or basement. 

Look For Smart Storage Options

There are a lot of organization and storage solutions that you can use in your garage to keep your possessions neat and tidy. Organization also allows you to keep track of what you have so you can use it more successfully. Look for the right storage for your garage, such as free-standing metal shelves, cupboards, or bracket and panel shelves that attach to the walls. 

You can also use and stack plastic lidded bins, which can easily be labeled on the outside. Then, be sure to use a hanging storage rack that fits right to the ceiling of your garage to hang larger tools and equipment, such as bicycles, for easy access.

Organize By Use

After you have decided what items you are going to keep, you can start to look at how you will organize them in your garage. Your garage's interior space is not all created equal, but some spaces are much more convenient for storage than others. 

Plan to place holiday items and other items you don't use regularly down below and high above in your storage. This can include extra paint and painting tarps and equipment or vehicle oil change equipment. If you have an overhead storage rack or shelves, use the highest space for items rarely used. Place items you use regularly, such as tools, garden equipment, and food storage, in cupboards and storage space that is located in the central space.

For more information, contact a company that providers garage storage solutions.