5 Common Pool Screen Damages

Most modern pool screen enclosures are made of durable aluminum or fiberglass framing and damage-resistant nylon screening materials. Although these materials are durable, they can suffer damage in the right conditions. Knowing the common causes of damage can help you either avoid broken pool screening in the first place or at least plan for the right repair after the fact.

1. Mold Growth

Mold and mildew is relatively common on pool screens thanks to the humid environment that surrounds most outdoor pool areas. The good news is that it won't typically result in permanent damages as long as you remove it before the trapped moisture in the mold causes corrosion of the enclosure parts. Your screen repair service can perform a deep cleaning of the screens and frames to remove any developing mold. 

2. Rusted Frames

Although aluminum is rust resistant, it isn't completely immune to corrosion and similar damages. Plus, there may be hardware holding the enclosure together that is also prone to rust. If you live in a damp climate or near the salty ocean air, then rust and corrosion is even more likely. Rust isn't typically a big concern if caught early so the frames can be sanded and sealed. If allowed to eat through the metal, though, then replacement of the damaged frame arms is necessary.

3. Screen Tears

Daily use can lead to torn or loose screening material on the enclosure frame. Using caution when near the enclosure helps prevent damage. If the screens are only loose, then your repair tech can re-stretch them tautly over the frame. Small tears can be patched and repaired, but a lot of damage may mean it is a wiser idea to re-screen the existing enclosure frame.

4. Wind Damage

Most pool enclosure screens are made to be extremely wind resistant, so you shouldn't experience any damage from a standard storm. High winds, though, such as those from a hurricane, can cause major damage to the frame or the screen. Repairs to a wind damaged frame can be repaired if the frame isn't snapped or badly warped, but the screens may need to be restretched or replaced depending on the extent of damages.

5. Sun Damage

Over time the sun can damage some components of a pool enclosure. UV light can break down paint and surface sealers on the enclosure frame, leading to fading or paint flaking. Stripping and resealing the frame solves the problem. For more information on pool enclosure screen repair, click the link.