The Top Signs Your Chimney Needs Preventative Maintenance This Spring

Whether it's a crackling fire on a cool night, an oven for making pizzas, or a place for a family to gather, a fireplace is often viewed as a necessary staple for a home. In fact, a fireplace can even be a design focal point, especially in a room that doesn't have a lot of natural light. When a fireplace is used, it's easy to think of it as a background element, but it's clear that they require a significant amount of maintenance to keep them in good shape. But if you haven't used your fireplace for a while, since the weather is warming up, now is a good time to think about chimney maintenance. If you think your fireplace could use some TLC this spring, there are a few signs that you should contact a chimney service to schedule an inspection.

Damaged Flashing

Flashing repairs are a necessary part of chimney maintenance and can often be the source of a leak in a chimney. Flashing is a thin strip of material, often metal, that is used to seal up the joints between materials. It's usually applied to the top of a chimney to prevent water from running down and causing a leak. The flashing on the top of your chimney should be inspected annually, and if you have any cracks or holes, it's a good idea to have them sealed up by a professional.

Deteriorating Crown

The crown, which is the top part of your chimney, is a crucial part of your chimney system. It sends water away from the sides of your chimney, preventing it from causing any damage to your brickwork. The crown also helps keep the smoke coming out of your chimney confined to the inside of your home, so you don't have to worry about smoke filling up your house. If your crown is starting to show signs of deterioration, it will require repairs or a full rebuild.

Broken Cap or Chase Cover

One of the first things chimney sweeps check for when inspecting your chimney is a damaged cap or chase cover. These parts sit on top of your chimney and protect the crown from water leaking in. If your cap or chase cover is damaged, water is able to get past it and into your chimney, which can lead to damage and potentially a leak. A damaged cap or chase cover can usually be fixed by a chimney specialist, but in cases where it's missing entirely, they'll often recommend replacing it with a new one.

The signs above are just a few of the many signs that your chimney could use some TLC this spring. If you think your fireplace could use a tune-up, contact a professional chimney sweep to help you determine what repairs are needed. A tune-up can help your fireplace run more efficiently, which will save you money and help keep your chimney in good condition. The longer you wait to have your chimney inspected, the more expensive it can be to repair or replace parts, so take care of your chimney this spring, and it will take care of you for the rest of the year!