Granite Countertops: Subtle Accents and Styles

If you're looking to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom countertops this summer, few options offer a better return on your investment than granite countertops. When it comes to making your quartz slab countertops unique and bold, incorporating subtle accents and styles can make a huge difference.

Here are some subtle accents and styles to consider when considering granite countertops.

Having the Right Edge

One of the easiest ways to help your quartz slab granite countertops stand out is by choosing the right edge. When considering granite countertop edges, here are some things to consider.

  • Double Bevel: Beveled edging is a classic granite countertop option. Choosing a beveled edge adds an element of class and safety. However, this look is so popular that it might feel dated to some consumers. You might want to consider a double-bevel option. Double beveling involves tapering the countertop edge from both the top on bottom of the slab. Double beveling is a great option for curved edges and can create a sweeping feel that makes your kitchen or bathroom countertop project into the room. This option can also create a more pronounced horizontal line, which can pair nicely with two-toned paint or wallpaper-paint themes.
  • Bottom Tapered: Another classic quartz slab countertop edging style is a tapered edge. In most cases, the tapering extends from top to bottom. However, a modern approach to tapering can include a bottom tapered edge. Bottom tapering is ideal when your countertop extends beyond your bathroom vanity and/or kitchen cabinet frames. Bottom tapered edging will make your granite countertop look thinner, which can make the countertop finish and patterns more vibrant.

After Market Styles

If hoping to make your quartz slab countertops look unique, making a few after-market style adjustments can be key.

  • Bush Hammered: if you need your granite countertops to brighten your kitchen or bathroom, opting for a bush hammered finish can create a truly unique look. Bush hammering involves creating texture in the granite countertop by making thousands of small indentations with a stone tool. Once the indentations are made, your granite countertop contractor can make the surface smooth with a lacquer finish. Because bush hammering is an after-market finish, your countertop will be truly unique.
  • Epoxy: one of the newest granite countertop options involves applying a thin epoxy coat to your granite countertop. This epoxy finish will naturally create bubbles and other irregularities that add an organic and natural feel to your quartz slab granite countertop.

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