What Happens If You Find A Family Cemetery In Your Backyard: Advice For Homeowners In Tennessee

While people now often choose a burial in a public cemetery, private burial grounds were once quite common across the United States, especially in certain areas. In fact, state archaeologist Nick Fielder estimates that there are around 20,000 private family burial grounds in Tennessee. Nonetheless, while a private burial ground was once a precious part of a family's heritage, new property owners may feel less enthusiastic about the presence of the deceased.

Down In The Drapes: Tips For Buying The Right Window Treatments

Choosing the perfect curtains can be overwhelming if you don't have that interior-decorator gene. From choosing the style and color to ensuring that they are the right size, it can be tough to know just where to start. Here are some tips to help you navigate the draperies and select something that fits your windows and your decor. Making Sure They Fit If you've never bought drapes before, you might believe that you can just grab a rod and some drapes and be all set.

2 Pests That Love Your Bathroom As Much As You Do (And How To Get Rid Of Them)

Ah, your bathroom. When you aren't corralling kids to the potty or cleaning the nooks and crannies, you might use your bathroom to get ready for work or to take a relaxing, bubbly bath. In fact, the average American spends a staggering 2 weeks every year holed up in their bathroom—which is why a pest problem here can be such a devastating blow. Unfortunately, some pests are drawn to the moist, warm environment that your bathroom offers.