Remodeling Your Bath Or Kitchen? 3 Cabinet Trends To Consider

Whether you are hoping to improve the function and look or add value to your home, a bath or kitchen remodel can be a great investment. From replacing floors and adding new appliances to changing out fixtures, there are many ways to update the look of these spaces. New cabinetry may seem like an overwhelming project, but replacing cabinets can be a great option for achieving all the benefits of a remodel.

Tips On Fixing Refrigerator Odors

The refrigerator is supposed to keep everything inside it smelling nice and fresh. However, every now and then, you'll open the fridge only to be greeted by a less than pleasant odor. The usual cause of this smell is that something has gone bad in the fridge or something wasn't stored properly. Unfortunately, this smell is unlikely to just go away on its own. There are a number of steps you can take to rid your refrigerator of these odors and also prevent a recurrence in the future.

How To Identify Mold In Your Home

Mold may seem like a small thing, a minor nuisance. That is until you or your family members begin to get sick. Some types of mold can even cause fatalities. Mold is also a symptom of underlying structural issues in your home. You want to do everything to ensure your home is mold-free. Before you decide that you have no mold problem, consider these indicators. Here are signs that you could be having mold in your home.

Selecting, Storing, And Replacing The Fire Extinguishers In Your Home

Your home must have fire extinguishers throughout. Many homeowners either don't have an extinguisher in their home, or they don't have the right type of extinguisher to protect themselves and their homes from fire. Here, you'll learn about the different types of extinguishers, where to place them, and how to know when to replace them. Types of Extinguishers There are four main categories of fire extinguishers. Class A: for ordinary combustible fires Class B: for flammable liquid fires Class C: for electrical fires Class D: for combustible metal fires Residential settings are commonly equipped with Class A, B, or C extinguishers, but if you do any metalworking in your garage or basement, a Class D extinguisher should also be purchased.

Inheriting An Antique Marble-Topped Heirloom? 3 Important Care Tips To Know

Inheriting a valuable family heirloom is certainly an honor, but it also comes with the responsibility of caring for the item and protecting it for future generations. Antique marble-topped tables, benches, and vanities are excellent examples of these valuable heirlooms that require some attention from the recipient. If you have inherited a marble-topped piece and want to protect its beauty and value, the following tips can help you maintain it properly so that it can be handed down for generations to come.